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Dry Eyes is a common disorder of the eye caused by insufficient tear production. Tear production plays an essential role in your vision. Tears help keep your eye comfortable my acting as a lubricant and a cleanser, washing out any foreign objects or bacteria that might cause discomfort and infections.

Over-the-counter eye lubricants are available for the occasional case of dry eyes. When the body is not able to produce enough tears or when there is excessive tear evaporation, it can be diagnosed at Dry Eye Syndrome. If you are diagnosed with DES, you may also have blurred vision, burning or itching and light sensitivity.

There are various treatment options available for Dry Eyes and Dry Eye Syndrome, including:

  • Use of a humidifier to put more moisture in the air if you live in a dry climate
  • Use of sunglasses to help protect eyes from dust
  • Artificial tears
  • Eye ointments
  • Prescription eyedrops such as Restasis, which contains special materials that not only lubricate and comfort the eye, but also encourage the eye to produce more tears.
  • Eye surgery to implant punctual plugs into the tear ducts to keep tears from draining too quickly

Depending on the cause and extent of dry eye syndrome, it may or may not be able to be completely cured. Even when not cured, however, the symptoms can be managed.