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Our physicians have specialized training in diagnosing and treating vision problems.

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Patient Forms

For your convenience, you can download the patient forms, fill them out and bring them to your first appointment.

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From nearsightedness and conjunctivitis (pink eye) to allergies and computer vision syndrome, our eyes can be affected by a number of conditions, causing symptoms ranging from discomfort to poor vision. Our mission is to improve our patients' vision, and that is why our physicians are certified to diagnose, treat and prevent all conditions of the eye, including:

  • Astigmatism – a refractive disorder in which the cornea has an irregular curvature, causing blurry visions at all distances
  • Lazy Eye – a condition in which a person cannot align both of their eyes on a single object
  • Farsightedness – a refractive disorder in which objects close to you appear blurry
  • Nearsightedness – a refractive disorder in which objects in the distance appear blurry
  • Cataracts - a clouding of the lens in the eye, causing one's vision to become blurry
  • Presbyopia – a refractive disorder in which the lens of the eye ages, making reading more difficult
  • Pink Eye – inflammation and redness of the eye caused by allergies, viruses and bacterial infections
  • Dry Eye Syndrome – a condition in which the eyes are not able to make a sufficient amount of tears
  • Computer Vision Syndrome – eye strain and irritation of the eyes due to prolonged periods of time looking at a computer screen
  • Floaters and Spots – small specks and spots that move in and out of your field of vision